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Ordinary Tickets Prices*
One day pass Friday/Saturday 300,- NOK
Two day pass 400,- NOK
Gala dinner Friday3 350,- NOK
Student1/senior2 Prices*
One day pass Friday/Saturday 200,- NOK
Two day pass 250,- NOK
Gala dinner Friday3 250,- NOK








*Prices are exclusive of fees
[1] Valid student ID required or under age 18.
[2] Applies for person with disabilities or age 67 and above.
[3] Limited number of seats. Age limit 18 years.

All seminar passes include lunch and refreshments.
On Saturday evening we are hosting a get-together and will be serving pizza. This event is mainly intended for visiting students, but is open for anyone who may wish to attend for an additional fee.

Refund of travel costs
It is possible to get a refund of up to 600 NOK of the travel costs associated with transportation to Energiseminaret for the 50 first visiting students to register. Visitors will receive an email with a link where they can apply for a refund.
You must submit receipts for your transport costs after the seminar to make use of this offer.
NB!  The quota for refund of travel expences have now been filled.

Housing for students
Students from other colleges and universities will have the option to stay free of charge with a host at NMBU. A form will be sent out after registration. The deadline for signing up for housing is December 31st.
Read more about the housing offer here.